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Chilled 100 Sustainability Emblem

Brands awarded this medal have outstanding sustainable practices.

Chilled 100 Creative Bottle Design Emblem

Brands earning this medal have outstanding packaging design.

Chilled 100 Breakout Brand Emblem 

Brands earning this medal are outstanding in innovation.

Chilled 100 Woman Owned Emblem

Brands earning this medal are owned by outstanding women.

The Chilled 100 Spirits Awards—100 Point System

Chilled 100 Spirits Awards is the only spirits rating system that levels the ground for established brands and newcomers alike by enlisting bartenders as judges and awarding a score generated by bartenders. By offering The Chilled 100 Point System we rate products according to bartender standards with points symbolizing the quality-level of products being judged—our additional point system resonates with the industry—bartenders value the Chilled 100 Spirits Awards point system as a measurement of each products quality level. The higher the score, the better the product will work behind the bar according to our expert bartenders.

The Chilled 100 Bartender Seal of Approval

The Chilled 100 Bartender Seal of Approval is our most coveted award. It tells bartenders, bar owners, distributors, buyers, and consumers that your product is a top-of-the-line purchase. Any product earning the Chilled 100 Bartender Seal has been extensively assessed by our experts and is backed 100% by our bartenders.

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